Acne treatment plan to Prevent Acne and Pimples

Wash your face, Know your skin , Moisturize, Hydrate , Limit makeup , Use OTC meds , Don’t touch , Don’t pop , Limit sun , Antibiotics , French green clay , Tea tree oil , De-stress , Eat right

How can I get crystal clear skin naturally?

Home Remedies for Acne

As a Dietitian & a Nutritionist doctors get to face several cases of Acne, and most of them are teenagers, and they are like asking me this question “WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?” I wash my face 5 times a day with soap, take bath thrice, eat the same normal food that other people eat, but why me?

What really irks us is that we may be doing all the right things in terms of skin care and living a healthy lifestyle and yet Acne haunts us anyway. However, some studies show that there's one issue that we have a tendency to could have unnoticed in terms of skin disorder maintenance — proper nutrition.

Well, The first question when we think about Acne is, What is causing it? There are number of reasons that causes Acne, But it is preventable and curable.

Hormonal changes (especially with male hormones) trigger greater sebum production and the sebaceous glands become enlarged. Heredity is involved in acne’s development.

Other contributors to the onset of acne are allergies, emotional stress, use of make-up, monthly menstrual cycles, and repeated skin rubbing. The use of drugs like steroids, lithium, oral contraceptives and some anti-epileptic drugs can cause acne.

Dirt, dust and oils can plug the pores, allowing bacterial microbes to cause infection.

Not washing your face enough or before you go to bed.

Diet and nutrition play an important role. Poor digestion and elimination and fats that are bad for you can also cause acne.

Poor organ function could also be part of the problem, such as the liver or kidneys which help remove toxins from the body.

Factors in the environment such as high pollution and humidity can also affect your skin.

In order to stay skin soft, nutritionists advocate the supposed Essential Fatty Acids, that conjointly dissolves fatty deposits that block pores and repairs broken skin. you will wish to undertake cyanobacteria, that provides pigment that aids in cleansing the blood and delivers gas, that is important as a result of some microorganism cannot survive within the presence of gas. alternative vital nutrients embody water-soluble vitamin complicated, chromium, acidophilus and antioxidant.

How do I get rid of acne ASAP? What is the best treatment for acne?

Here are other nutrition tips to fight acne:

A diet that's high in fiber will keep the colon clean and may scale back toxicity.

Vegetables and fruits area unit essential to any healthy diet. Zinc-rich foods like soybeans, pumpkin seeds and bound fruity area unit useful to the skin.

Drinking countless water (1.5 liters daily, at least) results in healthy skin. Drinking countless alcohol, coffee, soft drinks and sugar-rich drinks results in unhealthy skin.

Too much iodine (fish and table salt) will build skin disorder worse. An equivalent will be same for consumption too several dairy farm merchandise like eggs, cheese, milk and also the like.