Health benefits of Guava Fruit

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1. The most powerful antioxidant fruit

2. For Cancer: Lycopene content reduces risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer

3. For Weight Loss: Helps lose weight without compromising the intake of nutrients

4. For Diabetes: Regulates absorption of sugar in diabetics

5. For Hair Loss: Folic acid, Potassium, Copper and Manganese in guava fruit all help in hair loss problems


NUTRIENTS : Dietary Fiber 22%, protein 5% Calories 3%

VITAMINS : Vitamin C 381% Vitamin A 12% Pantothenic Acid 5%

MINERALS : Potassium 12% Copper 11% Manganese 8%

Consuming 100g of guava in a day provides 381% of daily requirement of vitamin 'C'.

Immunity Booster

Guava exceed over different sort of fruits as well as oranges in terms of vitamin C. A hundred grams serving of guava yields nearly 228.3mg of vitamin C. Elaborated nutritional research has unconcealed the very fact that increasing the intake of vitamin C contains food will boost immune function. A healthy system offers the most effective defense against sickness inflicting pathogens.

Maintains Healthy thyroid function

Guavas are extraordinarily helpful in promoting healthy thyroid perform as they contain considerable amounts of the trace mineral copper. Medical studies have shown that copper is important for guaranteeing correct thyroid metabolism- primarily in hormone production and absorption. So, people that suffer from thyroid dysfunction ought to increase their intake of this tropical fruit – the guava.

Healthy Eyesight

Guavas contain abundant amounts of vitamin A. A 100g serving of guava fruit provides nearly 624 IU of vitamin A. vitamin A or retinol is one in every of the most effective nutrients that guarantee healthy vision. Vitamin A additionally reduces the incidence of macular degeneration and cataract

Blood Pressure

Guava is excellent dietary sources of potassium. Intake of potassium rich foods like guavas helps to manage blood pressure, as potassium lessens the negative effects of sodium. Guavas are excellent source of vitamin C. Reaches have indicated that consuming a diet that is high in vitamin C, helps to lower blood pressure readings. In addition, the high fiber content of guavas additionally plays a crucial role to bring down high blood pressure.

Improves Brain Function

Guava, one among the foremost commonly savored fruits, helps to boost brain function. Therefore super fruit is a superb source of vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 boosts the flow of nutrient made blood to the brain. Vitamin B3 also stimulates psychological function. Besides nutriment B3, guavas also are excellent sources of vitamin B6. This specific vitamin improves overall brain function.